August 1, 2013
The Ultrablog: Internships and industry vindictiveness (a FB x-post)


I have a whole lot of thoughts on this one, since “paid/unpaid internships” have been part of my life since 2010. If you’ve read my arguments on this before, scroll down to “There’s this primal VINDICTIVENESS”, which is the new stuff.
One thing I found odd is that “learning the…

July 28, 2013
Britta is the Adam Goldberg of Community!

Britta is the Adam Goldberg of Community!

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July 7, 2013
The Ultrablog: Wonder Woman Done Right


Had a convo w/ my old HS buddy before seeing This is the End (which I loved).

The most important thing was to Cast Beyoncé. Bam! There’s your pitch, that’s your sale. If you really want four demos, perhaps Jeff Bridges as the villain, John Goodman as a comedic superior.

Anyway, Wonder Woman…

July 6, 2013

Harmontown Episode 20- Flesh Knife

July 5, 2013
I didn’t expect much from Fable 3, and boy did I get it.


I knew that Xbox was releasing the game for free because they couldn’t make any more money from it. They imagined they could sell the expansion packs, or additional colors of clothing dye (really), and the new group of people playing would encourage more premium sales. It may make them money, but it’s not a ringing endorsement of the game’s staying power. 

I knew Fable 3 received bad reviews (as any videogame review short of “B+” means “secretly terrible”). And I knew that I had only moderately enjoyed Fable 2.

Here are the things I enjoyed least about Fable 2:

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July 1, 2013

June 15, 2013
The Ultrablog: Advice for Upset (Emerson) Graduates


Life after college has a reputation of being sad and listless. Deservedly so: you’ve spend the last 15 years of your life being taught that “A”s are a reward and ‘what’s in the textbook will be on the test friday’.

Luckily, It doesn’t work that way anymore.
Accurately, You’re in a…

June 13, 2013
The Ultrablog: ‘I’ll smash this bowl to make me famous’: a meditation on art budgeting


I’m eating red grapes from a small blue and white ceramic bowl. Next week I’m shooting a film (one of my longest and hopefully best ones yet). An actress will hurl the bowl across the room, where someone will catch it, and later we’ll break it to simulate the sound. [1]

The bowl cost…

May 31, 2013
The Ultrablog: JUDAISM: Online PATCH DOCS 5773


Judaism now offers a 4th spawn location! In edition to New York, LA and Jerusalem, you can now adventure in Sharon Massachusetts! Enjoy adventures at Temple Israel, Temple Young Israel, and Adath Shalom (Conservative Only).

· Temple Webpages should now be entering 5764. This is a…

April 16, 2013

Bostonite Adam Goldberg returns to the stage at #harmontown


Bostonite Adam Goldberg returns to the stage at #harmontown

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April 8, 2013

April 2, 2013

Anonymous said: I feel like Adam Goldberg made this for himself.

Even though I have received notice that Adam knows about the existence of this blog, he did not make it. It’s a fan blog!

March 20, 2013
Adam Goldberg as a Changlorious Basterd.

Adam Goldberg as a Changlorious Basterd.

March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013